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** Honorary Ave. **

Ida F. Stone Way & Norman H. Stone Way. This wife and husband benefactor team are two of the more well noted people behind the Northwestern Memorial Hospital Stone Institute of Psychiatry. Where did that fortune come from initially? Paper. Read up on how Norman and his brother built a printing empire in throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s here.

The Rev. Gyomay & Minnie Kubose Way. I promise that there are more  than just pastors represented on these Honorary Street Signs! Gyomay was a Japanese-American who founded the Buddhist Temple of Chicago. Read up more on him here.

Rev. Oscar D. Webster St. Read about the work he did as a pastor in Auburn Gresham here.

Rev. Dr. George L. Blackwell Dr. Read up on more about the extensive journey of the former presiding Bishop in this area here.

I am the cartoonist for Chicago Jazz Magazine and wonder if there are honorary street names for either Nat King Cole or Mel Torme? Many thanks! Charley Krebs

Asked by Anonymous

Hi Charley! Please forgive the delay in reply! As far as I know, sadly, neither one of these giants has an Honorary Street named after them in the city. Nat King Cole does have a park name after him but that’s as close as I’ve been able to find. Hope this helps some. 


Jessie A. Woods Way. Read up on the south side native who dedicated her life to educating and enriching the lives of young people through the arts here.

George W. Maher Way. Read up on the accomplished architect here.

Rev. M. E. Alexander Way. Almost nothing on him or his church, Union Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago, online but trust, they’re there.

Dr. Charles G. Hayes Dr. Read up on the Woodlawn pastor and founder of Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer here.

Lee F. Flaherty Way. Find out more about the marathoner and much celebrated business man here.

Is it possible to get a photo of the Honorary Street for William Morefield?

Asked by Anonymous

Of course! What’s the intersection it’s at?

Lil Bobby Huges Ave. A tribute to a young victim of Chicago’s gun/gang violence. See the details here.

Frank Parker Way. Read up on the unlikely tennis champion here.

Richard X.G. Irwin Pl. Co-founder of SOAR, the Streeterville organization created 1975 to ensure the growth and well-being of residents and businesses in the area.

Phillip A. Lontoc St. Read up on the Filipino immigrant and the role he played in the formation of Chicago’s Filipino community after World War II here.