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** Honorary Ave. **

Frank Parker Way. Read up on the unlikely tennis champion here.

Richard X.G. Irwin Pl. Co-founder of SOAR, the Streeterville organization created 1975 to ensure the growth and well-being of residents and businesses in the area.

Phillip A. Lontoc St. Read up on the Filipino immigrant and the role he played in the formation of Chicago’s Filipino community after World War II here.

Leon M. Despres Way. Read up on the fame politician that got his start as the Alderman of Hyde Park the same day the first Daley was elected Mayor here.

Mother York Dr. Read up on the small woman that brought huge healing and redemptive gift to those in her south side community here.

Philip M. Klutznick Pl. & Allen M. Turner Pl. Read up on the long time real estate developer and partner of The Pritzker Organization here and here, respectively.

Bill Bartholomy Dr. Also the name of a foundation here in Chicago that I can find NO INFO on. Seriously, your guess is as good as mine with this one folks. Got a little knowledge? Leave me a comment!

Mario DiPaolo’s Italian Lemonade St. Listen to Mario himself give the extensive history of how this iconic lemonade stand came to be. 

Mother Fannie Gay Dr. She and her family often overlooked but no less staples in the Gospel music scene within Chicago’s history. Check out the story of Fannie and her Gospel group here.

Maurice Sternberg Way. Learn more about his path in creating a famed art gallery with his wife, Judith, in the Drake Hotel here.

John B. Duff Way. Read up on the former Columbia College President and Chicago Public Library commissioner here.

Father Thomas J. Fitzgerald. Read up on the beloved south side priest here.

Col Francis W. Parker Way. More than just a prominent school in Lincoln Park, read up on the passionate educator here.

Back at it!

I know, I know. It’s been far too long since the last picture post! Admittedly, I’ve been a bit side-tracked for the last few months and haven’t given Honorary Ave. the TLC it needs. There’s still a ton of shifting going on but I’m back at it in earnest this week. Who knows…there may even be a new design coming to this site later this year! Until then, thanks for following, sticking around, your patience, your questions, all that jazz.

Let’s get back to exploring the great city of Chicago through all of those brown street signs!

N kedzie av has a brown sign for honorary Dirty's way. I can't find any info on it. Do you know why?

Asked by Anonymous

Do you know the nearest cross street? I haven’t come across that one but would love to look into it.